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Discover, Explore and Document your Event Driven Architectures.

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Powered by Markdown

EventCatalog is designed to help you and your teams document your Event Architecture.

Document your events and upstream/downstream services with Markdown and our custom MDX components.

Don't want to maintain your documentation? EventCatalog supports Plugins to generate documentation for you.

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Discover Events

EventCatalog will render your documents, schemas, diagrams, code examples and much more...

Use EventCatalog to discover your events and their upstream and downstream services.

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Bring visibility to your Event Architecture

Document, version and stay ontop of your event architecture.

Open Source

Designed and Developed for the community. Free for everybody to use.


Use Markdown to define your events and services. EventCatalog will handle the rest.


Visualise your services and events, understand how things connect and how events flow through your Architecture.

Deploy Anywhere

Under the hood EventCatalog is a NextJS application that you can deploy anywhere you want.

Plugins and API

Plugin system supported. Generate your docs using AsyncAPI Plugin, AWS Plugins and more...

Users & Teams

User and Team pages. Document who owns which events and services.

Version Control

It's just Markdown. Version your events like you would version your blog.


Join the community, learn from each other and help shape the project.

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